Adam = Alien

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Adam = Alien is a groundbreaking book, providing evidence of our extraterrestrial origins. In the vein of Erich Von Däniken, Lloyd Pye, and Zecharia Sitchin, it explores human origin, UFOs, pyramids, religion, science, and our culture’s and government’s suppression of its proof. It is written by a former skeptic whose research has concluded that most of what he has learned regarding the subject matter above was completely wrong, that the powerful institutions that control our education have woven for us a fairy-tale myth to protect their interests—and that has been recapitulated and regurgitated over the past two thousand years.


About Leon Bibi

Leon Bibi has a B.A in International Business from Washington University in Saint Louis, and did his graduate work at The University of Miami Law School. He was Chief Executive Officer of an internationally recognized lighting corporation based in New Jersey for 22 years. He is a fifteen-year member of the Young Presidents Organization in Metro New York City and New Jersey. He has been a Board Member of the YPO NJ Chapter, and is recognized in Who’s Who of International Business.



I’ve never seen one, but I’m convinced they’re real. I look up in the sky constantly, dying to see one. I may have seen one driving on Highway 1 in North Miami, Florida, about a year ago, but I’m still not sure. Both my brothers have seen one. My youngest saw five UFOs over the Atlantic Ocean in 1989 during a summer in East Hampton.


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